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LOL I am very fortunate in many aspects when it comes to gear. See more on this in the upcoming section on post cycle therapy. Woman carry more body fat naturally to help with their cycle, pregnancy, hormonal function, etc. From what I'm reading, estrogen blockers are good at lowering body fat in those areas that are typically problem areas for women--specifically body fat in the abdomen, butt, and thigh area, because that's where most women gain weight.

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If you're serious about that last bit of body fat, I'd give 3J a call and see what he can do for you. I'd still be worried that it could make them look weird. I really don't know how Nolvadex affects your period but, if it lowers estro, giving you a bump in test, I doubt you'd still be getting a period.

Nolvadex cycle for female

Originally Posted by smashingbox. She says if your test is low, we can get you on replacement therapy. She has never taken it before. Although many people believe it lowers estrogen, this is not the case — it actually raises estrogen levels.

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Successful dieting can also be sabotaged by the presence of high estrogen levels and lead to possible development of female fat pattern distribution in males, i. I don't honestly know how an aromatase inhibitor which is what I think you're really looking for such as arimidex would affect you as I don't really know nearly as much about the SUPER-complex female endocrine system works you guys really are way more complex than us men so I would hesitate in recommending either especially as a means of fat loss.

I glanced through them quickly so how they relate, if at all, is up in the air but its what I found with a quick search hope they help. Unfortunately, you are right. Hey guys, my training partner was asking me about nolvadex for his wife who is a figure competitor. Damn pubmed and their paid access bs hahaha Yeah, sometimes you can get lucky by viewing google's cache, but it is a pain.

Why would somebody take that much Nolvadex a day?

Women Using Nolvadex as a Fatloss Supplement

I wouldn't suggest taking nolva, it's mens post cycle therapy pct for gyno. S What advantage does proviron provide for a female? Whether this is because it raises testosterone that eventually aromatizes, or because it is an estrogen itself, is unclear. If you would like to read up some more on this issue, consider the following referances: It is the worst. If you feel you want to try Nolva go ahead. Originally Posted by Kasinova.


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