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For more information and advice ask your doctor or pharmacist.

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You are being treated for an infection. Search by medication name for information on over-the-counter or prescription medications including side effects and interactions.

How does Arcoxia work?

For the relief of gout attacks and short term pain, including menstrual pain and dental pain, ARCOXIA should only be used during the painful period, limited to a maximum of 8 days treatment. For the relief of gout attacks or other types of pain, Arcoxia is usually only needed for a few days. Tell your doctor if you notice any other effects. Rifampicin may decrease the blood level of this medicine and therefore make it less effective at treating pain.

You have a history of stomach bleeding or ulcers.

What is in this leaflet

How to store etoricoxib Important information about all medicines. A small overdose is no cause for concern.

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The accepted number, at the moment, is about 80, Patient Platform Limited has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy. People taking any of these medicines in combination with etoricoxib should have their kidney function monitored, particularly if elderly:. The original may contain images or tables and can be viewed in PDF format using the link to the left.

Taking ibuprofen and drinking coffee

Your doctor will want to check your blood pressure from time to time, to make sure that it is safe to continue treatment. If you think you, or someone you care for, might have accidentally taken more than the recommended dose of etoricoxib or intentional overdose is suspected, contact your local hospital, GP or if in England call In general this drug is used to treat patients suffering from joint pain and swelling caused by osteoarthritisrheumatoid arthritisankylosing spondylitis and gout.

This is because the risk of heart attacks and strokes might increase after prolonged treatment, especially with high doses.

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This site uses cookies. You should not take these types of painkiller while you are taking etoricoxib. BootsWebMD does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Discoloured nails Foot fix. What is in this leaflet 1.


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