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I have also been prescribed Cipro on and off for upper respiratory conditions over the past several years until I developed an intolerance for Cipro. He took only one pill and the next day he was dead.

I would love to see this on Good Morning America as an investigative program. Hands and feet swell badly I could go on and on! All I could think was the flu was just what I needed to go with my recent diagnosis of prostatitis. Treatment of peripheral neuropathy depends on the cause of the disorder.

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My body is literally slowly dying from this. Inboth petitioners finally sued the FDA to require the Cipro warnings, and on September 8,the FDA required Bayer and all other ciprofloxacin manufacturers to include a black box warning on packages of Cipro, informing the public of side effects that the drug causes.

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This manufacturer should have to pay in some way. I loved to ride horse, take long walks, go hiking, swimming, fishing and hunting plus much more!! I get all of my scripts filled at the same place, so they definitely have in their system that I am on Voltaren as well as Plaquenil a drug that treats lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Our doctors refuse to acknowledge the possibility of the fluoroquinolone toxicity. Within a week, she was having delusions, anxiety, and major depression.

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A North Carolina newspaper told the story of year-old Adrienne Myers who took Levaquin for a relatively mild sinus infection. I had to go back to the ER for the horrible pain and immobility.

Talk to anyone who will listen: We wantour lives back! Thank you guys in advance for any help. Night sweatsuncontrolable chills, fever, etc.

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I read that with all his medications ad being a severe diabetic ,he should not have Been on the Cipro,! I also have neuropathy.

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I was prescribed this for lower left adominal pain, they so far dont know what Is wrong. Suscribirse a este canal RSS. I pray for myself and those that have been affected by this medicine CIPRO and will pass what I know along to others who may be considering use of this antibiotic. Emergency medical treatment is required immediately if an aortic rupture occurs, and those who undergo treatment for these problems must often take medications and live on a restrictive diet for the rest of their lives.

I was diagnosed with Poly Neuropathy, in the Spring of At all times, defendants knew their products could cause harm but continued to sell it, the complaints say.

What Is Cipro? When Is It Prescribed?

Like many of the victims, our doctors knew us before we took this drug when we were healthy people who happened to end up with a UTI or Prostate Infection that was mass dosed by Cipro or Levaquin.

I did not make the connection until I checked on the drug and realized it started after I took the ,Levaquin. Took Levaquin in


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