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Antidepressants have some very nasty side-effects including memory loss. Did they eventually go away? Asked 10 Oct by Nicole Active 27 Apr Topics zoloftdepressionheadachesocial anxiety disordergeneralized anxiety disordersertralineappetite Details:.

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I've been on it twice - the first few days always make me nauseous, kill my appetite, and seem to make my anxiety almost worse. One more question, I am suposed to up my dose today to 50mg This is where things get really messed up. Please dont be scared to take your meds,they will help you.

Yeah i think it is getting slightly better in a subtle way but im not altogether sure. Massive jaw-clenching, no appetite, and intense paranoia most of the time I took it and especially whenever my Dr. I had the same "jittery" feeling as though I had also drank gallons of coffee. Have you considered that maybe it's not the Zoloft and it's just you?

Thanks for your advice vivinell. I had AF like cramps until I was like 5 weeks and did have implantation bleeding too. I went to my moms in August for a family get together. The wonderful thing about Ads is that there are so many on the market. And I know that it can be frustrating when friends or family just don't get it.

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Congratulations on your BFP! Strong Hallucinations on one Zoloft pill? As for your momma try not to take it to heart I know it's hard cos she's supposed to understand but she hasn't been through it she won't understand.

A good, long break. So is this normal?

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I spent a sleepless night and many nights after that. After that two week period, the Zoloft kicked in, and I felt much better. I felt like I had lock jaw or something and I literally thought that I was going insane overnight. However, its really really important that your doctor or psych knows about this.

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Zoloft has a bit of a rough adjustment period. Coincidentally, I noticed the move toward Effexor about the same time that Zoloft became available as a generic.


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