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So thank goodness I have made it though day 3.

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You may have a wide variety of reasons why you want to go off Effexor from feeling better to pregnancy or breastfeeding and other drug interactions. My doctors have put me on and switched me around so much, Started with xanax, then zoloft, then cymbalta, and then effexor. Surviving antidepressants is a good group and Facebook has groups too. Then went to one every three days for two weeks. Alternative Drugs to Effexor. Thank God all was normal.

My head moves and my brain delays is one way to describe it.

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This post is probably long enough for now is anyone still with me?! I was energized, felt close to my emotions and was very hopeful for the future.

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I hope that my experience can be helpful. Headaches, nausea and all the above side effects. I just want to let you know, from personal experience, that Tramadol is very habit forming.


But i feel much more functional. A first name and last initial or a pseudonym is acceptable. I cut it to 75 mg then nothing. Great you were able to come off with no side effects. Sudden withdrawal from mg sounds awful.

Was having mild to moderate brain disconnects for about 10 days, slightly less each day. Took two at mg to 75mg.

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Use coupon code BlackFriday at checkout. Does anyone know about the side efffects when switched to another antidepressent immediately? Hi all, I just want to share my experiences with those reading these forums, searching for answers, looking for help, reaching out for support.

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I hope mine help someone too. I just want to feel.


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