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Being prone to panic attacksthe worse I got to feeling, the more I freaked, the worse I felt, etc. Am J Psychiatry ; May suppl.

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My then psychiatrists decided I should try Zyprexa, She said "Not only does it balance mood but it helps you relax and focus, many cancer patients are given it to help them cope"I was resistant at first and the pills sat in my kitchen cupboard for weeks until one night after triggering a massive anxiety attack and not wanting to have a horrible sleepless night full of worry and fear I took my first dose.

It seemed all the 18 years of sober work went out the window, and I could not shut up until anyone who needed my point of view got an earful. I'm wondering if the zyprexa is causing the panic attacks and whether I should go down to 5mg. B was a year-old woman who was seen for panic attacks with agoraphobia that had lasted for 2 years.

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ALL cases were evaluated by different psychiatric tests such as agoraphobic cognitions questionnaire panic attack and anticipatory anxiety scale, Hamilton depression test and general functional assessment.

Low dose Olanzapine 2. Paxil, Zoloft, or Prozac or benzodiazepines e. I had a radicaL hysterectomy 9 years ago and the panic attacks and severe depression started, at which point I was put on Paxil.

I dont know if its true, but i am aware that it is an appetite booster which may lead to weight gain. I don t have troubles to sleep, im not bipolar, i just have a lot anxiety! Don't be put off by side effects that might not affect you.

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I hope you start to feel better soon but dont be surprised if your levels are out of whack as when my TSH went to 6.

I have tons of energy right now. Patients whit resistant panic disorder resistant to tow SSRI agents who came to psychiatric clinic of Ibn-e-Sina and Ghaem Hospitals-Mashhad during — were enrolled in this study. During my sophmore year of college the anxiety developed into panic attacks.

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Generate a file for use with external citation management software. It feels like Im some kinda zombie without emotions. Tips for Managing Phone Anxiety. Answer this Question Report Favorite. Im 24 and about four and a half years ago i developed panic disorder having full blown panic attacks every single day from a traumatic things happening to me.

All courses for the following year. This medication is called Olanzapine or Zyprexa, first it is a anti-psychotic and mood stabilizer and is also classed as a major tranquillizer. Seen consultant psychiatrist, defo panic and anxiety disorder.

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I'm either feeling numb inside-not caring about anything, overly sensitive-crying at everything or angry at everything. Added 1 Jun I suffered with them for 26 years and then learned how to control them like you.

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