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So when you take lorazepam you anxiety is controlled so no allergy. People have been on benzos "as needed" for years.

Mon, Aug 14 '17, Have used Lorazapan 10 years for sleep.

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He took 10 0. You have received great advice above. Any suggestions on coming off or switching Rx's. I do get what you're saying about the half life and how the med works, but you're still putting it in your system regularly.

I cannot speak for you bob, I would ask your doc the pros and cons. Don't worry it won't be a shock to your system I am sure your body will be more than happy to relax for once I only got 16 tablets thru an emergency room dr.

I feel, because of this that I need to keep control of the Ativan and just let her have 1 pill at a time in her possession, so she won't feel the urge to take more. More here on how lorazepam affects the body and its duration of action. A few questions about Ativan. It was prescribed to me me as 1 mg every 8 hours. How can I get off this drug?

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Every med has side effects so you live with them some to bad you come off the med. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I went on to not be able to return to my job due to a very uncompassionate boss.

We do our best to respond to each question personally, and will do so promptly. But if youre dealing with problms that keep continue or do not know where they are coming from like Generalized Anxiety you need to something more long term and also preventative.

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It would be nearly impossible to have respiratory depression on such on small dose. Updated 4 years ago in Ativan. I do not drink any alcohol or take any other sleep aids and my dosage is very low. I have a few specific concerns that I was hoping to address.

Lorazepam duration of action

If you're hungry, stick to a light snack an hour or more before bed. There are many different kinds of benzodiazepines. It kinda seems it makes me want to get outside and do things like mowing or planting tomato plants I thought it was to make you tired and lazy.


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