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I understand your concern about seeing your prescribing doctor for the nasal irritation, though. What would happen if i chewd a percoset 5 mg its white and on one side it has the fine line to break in two. When you snort Percocet, the absorption rate into the body is significantly faster than when you take Percocet orally. A 33 year old female went to hospital to give birth. If I ask his doctor to do a urine test or blood, saliva, hair test is there anyway the drug test results can determine if he is snorting the drug versus taking orally as prescribed?

I am about 5"3 and a pounds not fat at all just a little toned and I just want to know how long it would take thanks!!!!!!! Swallow, eat or snort? Snorting- comes on quicker thus a more clearly noted 'buzz' -obv a lower BA. Pain relief and euphoric effect is almost immediate.

That way, you can lower Percocet doses gradually and feel less severe withdrawal symptoms.

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I take mine at night and just 1. And it is no longer fun. My boyfriend and I split a Percocet 30mg about twice a week. Now I might snort one or two Roxi's after I have taken my normal dose orally, just to get a quick pep, but the majority of my pills are taken orally.

In response, the body works hard to get rid of oxycodone from the body. Iv taken percs and oxys for about a year.

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Nothing concerning helping them, except for the adds on the side of the screen for drug abuse hotline… I know people can help themselves, but there is nothing out there that could give them a chance to help them selves, and I could not even find a good list of bad side effects, other than film around your heart, and nasal problems… Which is nothing to scare a person away from using them.

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I have somehow never tak I have a very high tolerence for percocet I was addicited to them for a long time, and eating about 4 or 5 every 3 or 4 hours.

He has a wife and kids and hes a close friend of my husbands and me and my husband and were really concerned because all he does is snort percocets thruout the day and we worry so much. Additionally, the body develops Percocet physical dependenceor physical dependence on oxycodone, and becomes increasingly in need of Percocet for the body to function.

When you crush Percocet tablets and snort the resulting powder into your nose, oxycodone is rapidly released into the bloodstream.

When you snort Percocet

Opiates get me up and motivated. This feeling is often intensified when snorting Percocet. Very warm and cozy, without a care in the world.

I haven't been taking them for a week straight or anything just today.


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