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The name is based on Ambien, but the commercials featuring a moth are based on similar commercials for Lunesta. Error Please try again!

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They then give all of their loot to the homeless. This practice eventually spoils them, and when they save Mr. Tonight's episode must've ran short. Homer joins, then is kicked out of and finally becomes the chosen one of the heavy-drinking club.

A bent firepole, a bowl of chili, dalmations, all caused by the Nappien.

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The Scorpio episode is one of my personal favorites, too. Marge finally gives in and sends Homer to get Maggie a new pacifier, but when he cant find the right brand, Maggie comes up with her own substitute an especially squeaky dog toy.

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Homer goes to war with his new neighbor, former president George HW Bush. That can be explained away.

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Cape Feare After Sideshow Bob is paroled, the Simpsons go into the witness-protection program, becoming the Thompsons and moving to a houseboat on Terror Lake, where Sideshow Bob tracks them down. Makes me laugh even after 10, watchings.

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Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Good line from Moe, regarding Burns. Marge decides to take a vacation by herself. Views Read Edit View history.

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However, the dove excretes a sleeping pill into the person's mouth to achieve this effect. After a stressful day, Marge has a nervous breakdown and parks her car in the middle of a bridge.

Nappien, taken by Homer to cure his insomnia, relates to the current problems of people's over-reliance on pills and medication, such as sleeping pills. One of my all-time fave episodes of The Simpsons is the burlesque house one. I loved that one. Very funny, almost like a classic episode. I figured Ambien was supposed to be Nappien- the logos are similar, and the bird in the commercial is similar to the butterfly in the real ads except when it defecates the pill, of course.

Going to see the movie now. Maggie goes on a path of destruction in the Simpsons home after Marge follows advice in a parenting magazine and throws away her pacifier. Its so hard to choose favorites when the show has been on the air so long… One I saw last week that has always been a fav is when Marge becomes a cop. Homer then wakes up while driving, though is initially unresponsive, causing him to crash into the Fire Department, injuring all the firemen and landing them in the hospital.

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