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Please provide a valid email address. When exposed to sunlight, the half-life was 4.


No incompatibility has been observed with permethrin on cultivated plants. Email address already exists, please enter a new valid email address. This is classified as a Dangerous Good for transport and may be subject to additional shipping charges.

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Breakdown products, or " metabolites"of permethrin are quickly excreted and do not persist significantly in body tissues. Permethrin is reported to show no teratogenic activity. Odourless, colourless crystalline solid or a pale brown viscous liquid.

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Permethrin is efficiently metabolized by mammalian livers. Value varies depending upon factors such as carrier, test species, etc.

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Revised Guidelines for Surveillance, Prevention, and Control. WNV6 Breakdown in vegetation: They had a hour LC 50 of less than or equal to 0. Permethrin does not block, or inhibit, cholinesterase enzymes. The hour LC 50 for rainbow trout is 0.


Tech Rat Laboratory rat Rattus norvegicus - Brown rat: WNV1 Molecular Weight Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus - European rabbit Domestic rabbit: In severe cases there may be pulmonary oedema, seizures, paraesthesias and fasciculations.

Permethrin is extremely toxic to bees. It is not very mobile in a wide range of soil types. Don't have an account? Soil microorganisms play a large role in the degradation of permethrin in the soil.

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Email address is required. They are more effective against insects and less toxic to mammals than are the natural pyrethrins. Permethrin is readily broken down, or degraded, in most soils except organic types.

Do not contaminate water by cleaning of equipment, or disposal of wastes near a body of water. Permethrin is available in dusts, emulsifiable concentrates, smokes, ULV ultra-low volumeand wettable powder formulations. A fragile balance exists between the quality and quantity of insects and other invertebrates that serve as fish food.


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