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We comply with the HONcode standard for trustworthy health information - verify here. So I appreciate the sobering facts of the article. Patients who take the drug tend to have higher blood sugar levels generally. Call your doctor for medical advice about side effects.

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I tried the cold turkey method with bad results. Adverse affects on your metabolism are a very real concern. If I remember correctly, mgs a day was the maximum daily dose indicated by the manufacturer. Quetiapine treatment was associated with dose-related decreases in thyroid hormone levels. They tell us it is a known long term very common side effect with most psychopathic medications. Sleep apnoea syndrome has been reported in patients using quetiapine.

Animal studies have shown reproductive toxicity see section 5. Your doctor will need to check your progress at regular visits. The effects of quetiapine on human fertility have not been assessed.

Inflammation of the pancreas. We need to confirm your email address. Massive overdose of quetiapine, fatal consequences can be delayed up to 50 hours after ingestion, if not beyond. Research is suggesting that Seroquel affects the functioning of the pancreaswhich is responsible for insulin regulation.

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When mixed, the results can be powerful. Its quite dramatic how much my weight is growing.

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Hepatic impairment The mean quetiapine plasma clearance decreases with approx. It worked, but it took awhile before that dosage had bad side effects. Lactose Seroquel tablets contain lactose. Usually I can accept it and just live life the best I can, but this possible permanent memory loss and decreased cognitive function is just so not what I wanted to hear.

Worse interactions, often following an overdose, can place you in the ICU for days. Subscribe To Mental Health.

What is Seroquel?

If you become pregnant while taking Seroquel, do not stop taking it without your doctor's advice. Originally Posted by Wolfstarr. Before you contact this company: Liver problems If you have liver problems your doctor may change your dose.


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