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I had a bad experience with effexor, but it didn't affect me that way.

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I had extended release and took them at night as i felt dopey in the day if i took them in the morning. I believe its just as hard to wean off this, but at this stage I am sticking with the Cymbalta.

Yea I've read a lot about the withdrawal from Effexor. Posted in wrong place?

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It took me two weeks to wean off Effexor, before I began the Cymbalta. How long are you taking Effexor now? We can't guarantee an immediate response, and there are times when this subreddit is relatively quiet. It took me 6 years to finally realize that being on Effexor was bad. Is this something that will subside? Like the highs and the lows got numbed down. If your post or comment is not appearing, it may have been removed for a rule violation or it may simply be stuck in the spam filter.

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Every one of my experiences on medications eventually turns bad, I don't know why that is. I then asked if I could go to our local hospital and see a psychiatrist as they are supposed to know more about the drugs. I never felt that medication had such a strong impact on my feelings that it would make me not love someone. Popular Posts In This Group:. For the first month or so on Effexor I was flying.

Sometimes you feel worse before you feel better. Wouldn't suggest it, but other commenters are spot on with stories of mg a day. Give it a try.

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Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; font-size: Yes, I've felt normal and happy again - but my motivation to do anything went out the window all year. I've been taking Venlafaxine for over a year atm - and for me, it numbs basically every feeling in me. After going through 4 different colleges and flunking out of everything I ever tried since being on this drug.

Thanks for your response. But now some things seem worse.

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Asked 18 May by Sfltally Active 2 days 10 hours ago Topics effexoreffexor xrdepressionanxietypanic disordersocial anxiety disordergeneralized anxiety disordervenlafaxinemajor depressive disorderprescriptionfemale Details:.

Again no side effects and I was able to deal with the situation until things calmed, at which point I was able to drop back down to 75mg.

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This time while there weren't any side effects, I also wasn't quite there.


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