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Both group showed more or less similar results regarding response, as well as the failure rate however, the Augmentin and ceftriaxone groups showed a little bit better survival than the control group.

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The study was completed within the time period between April and April Factors associated with rapid mortality include infection with influenza, the need for ventilator or inotropic support, onset of respiratory distress syndrome, hemoptysis, and leukopenia.

Dose adjustments are based on the maximum recommended level of amoxicillin. When we give glucocorticoids to patients who are unable to take oral medications, we use methylprednisolone 0.

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In a report of 51 cases of CAP caused by S. Br J Clin Pharmacol. Initial treatment of CAP is based on physical examination findings, laboratory results, and patient characteristics e. If the pathogen has been identified, the choice of oral antibiotic therapy is based upon the susceptibility profile table 7. Depending on the relative costs associated with treatment failures compared with the costs of cures, the decision to choose one agent over another may change.

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Mild diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, phototoxicity. Monotherapy in severe community-acquired pneumonia: The alarming rate of resistance to many commonly used antibiotics raises great concern.

Recent observational studies suggest that combination therapy for severe CAP confers a significant benefit for patients, particularly those with bacteremic pneumococcal disease [ 519 - 22 ].


This site uses cookies. Oral therapy with a macrolide or doxycycline is appropriate only for selected patients without evidence of or risk factors for severe pneumonia. Augmentin should be administered within 20 min of reconstitution. In addition to the tests recommended in the table, we recommend testing for a specific organism when, based on clinical or epidemiologic data, pathogens that would not respond to usual empiric therapy are suspected table 4 [ 2 ].

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Mortality in the ICU was significantly lower for subjects who received a combination therapy with macrolides compared with patients who received quinolones Etiology, epidemiology, and treatment. Balancing Benefit and Harm Next: Trials without significant difference between antibiotic monotherapy and combination therapy for CAP.

Adverse outcomes in patients with community acquired pneumonia discharged with clinical instability from Internal Medicine Department. Cystic fibrosis in adult patient. Despite these and other research findings, current ATS guidelines 8 recommend that patients hospitalized for suspected CAP receive two sets of blood cultures.


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