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Get weekly updates on baby and your body. Anyone have any tricks that work? Edit My Answer 2 moms found this helpful. Joseph's late Wednesday night, before I knew he had a virus. Or you could ask about crushing the appropriate dose child or portion of adult in something like chocolate pudding that masks the taste well.

I had to hold her arms down and put the plunger all the way in the back of her mouth and shoot it down her throat. Originally Posted by Laenae.

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Ask the pharmacist if they can prepare something. Hello, I was just curious if there is anything out there such as children's tylenol that does not have a flavor? What about an acetaminophen suppository? I cannot get her to take any medication. Treat your child, not the fever.

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Last night I gave him the Applesauce with Motrin ground down in it. Put his head between your knees so he can't move his head; his arms should go behind your knees so he can't push your hands away. Fearing autism, many parents aren't vaccinating their kids. He slaps the spoon away or those cups that come with the liquid bottles. I did so form a relatively young age about 3yo because I gagged on the liquids.

Are you sure you want to delete this answer? She did not like the suppositiries either, but when they need it, they need it.

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The only thing that worked for us at this age was the plunger. Or, it could be the texture. The solution to this in previous decades was to crush the pill and put it in a spoonful of jam -- that worked and modern liquid preparations are foul-tasting -- but, again, I would listen to the kid; if she does not want something to make her feel better, she is not sick enough to require it, and Tylenol is not benign, and regular fevers are not harmful.

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She refuses the chewables also. BC-MAV has no status. The hard way is to hold him down and then use an oral syringe and push it into his mouth. We are still searching for a solution to this.

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