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A pimpled developed in my nose and my nose became irritable. Do you know how to answer? Get emergency medical help if you have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: From your response, it looks like I'm physically dependent on it, not addicted.

Arthralgiamyalgiatorticollis. Went to gi doc started claritin d increased to 4 lialda, rowasa enimas and powdered vsl 3 2x a day.

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My doctor is the one who recommended it in the first place, and saw no reason for me to get off of it. Definitely make an appt with your doc so you can start formulating a plan to get off the Claritin D.

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At one point I tried to stop, and my body would break out with "invisible" rashes, the best way to describe it was it felt like the area had been bitten by fire ants, but when looking at it there was no discoloration or bumps.

Last Update November 8, That's going to have to involve your doctor, especially to keep an eye on your BP, pulse, and such. Two possibilities come to mind: June 12, mommd. Do you abuse it and take more than the recommended daily dose, or are you just taking it every day and finding it difficulty to stop taking it?

Stopped taking it a few days ago 4 or 5? I've been taking it the past 2 months during the spring allergy season with no side effects. Claritin D is available over-the-counter and in generic versions. I was researching the possibility of Claritin D withdrawal effecting anxiety. Thanks for your replies.

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I call them withdrawal headaches. The easiest way to lookup drug information, identify pills, check interactions and set up your own personal medication records.

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For more information about experts participating in the "Ask a Doctor" Network, please visit our medical experts page. To me, it felt like I was taking a Claritin D. I have had similar issues.

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It went away after I broke down and resumed the Claritin D. The constant sinus headaches were gone. Once I was good there, drop down to 4, then keep going.


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