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I was embarrassed to ask him about this because technically I don't see him anymore, but he was very kind to answer my questions. Viagra is off patent but its still costing Aussie blokes more than men in Britain. The idea of progestogen or progesterone to protect against miscarriage is now considered doubtful, though it used to be and for many doctors in our country still is routine practice to offer it just in case it does help, especially as with some of these like Duphaston only a very low dose is needed and side effects are minimal.

As for the low lying placenta. But he also asked me to take Duphaston 10 mg for forty days to protect the pregnancy. Compare with similar products.

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And now I am scared and confused, and just don't know what to do? Ask for best price.

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Have any of the women here used it? Featured May 5th, 5. Please please get another opinion. Not sure abt ur ques for bf. It's kind of a strange drug to prescribe considering it won't do anything for placenta being near to the cervix, and that you're not in the first trimester where you progesterone issues would be apparent.

I am sorry I am bothering people with this, but maybe one day it will help a woman in the same situation. It is safe and many, including myself hav had duphaston during preg. Posted 19 June - I support the idea of seeing your obstetrician in Egypt to clarify the position of your placenta and the need for Duphaston. So, I was very happy especially since we are traveling and I didn't want to worry about a bleed. Viagra and its generic competitors are only subsidised for war veterans other Australian mean have to buy it on the private prescription market.

Why take duphaston after iui

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But he also added that you can get placental bleeding even if you are just lying in bed. June 7th, 1 Emory endocrinologist honored for work with the transgender community. But I just want to go home ipb. Delivered to your inbox.


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