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No, create an account now. I understand you just want to help, but he isn't ready for any kind of help, and I feel like he is wasting everybody's time.

Valium chemistry and use

Yes, I could barely walk. You have no business telling an 18 year old kid who is borderline suicidal that maybe he wants to die! I was prescribed it a few years ago, for panic attacks.

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I tried my first few times alprazolam, diazepam and lorazepam. I'm sitting at computer. The hypnotic benzos are also the most euphoric benzos. You are a totally heartless human being. Keep in mind this I have been taking diazepam for 8 years at least. Sorry, but if you were to actually read the threads I've created, you'd understand that I've tried all the options people have given me.

Live a Sober Life Again - Call Now for Treatment Options.

Don't use opiates with them if you have no tolerance - it's a fast way to an early grave. He sometimes mix it with dihydrocodeine.

My celexa isnt working anymore

Don't far what you have to say. I've read online that Xanax is the king of benzos and will give you the best feeling, and Valium builds up over time.

RLS blogs are often full of desperate people blogging for that reason. Calls to any general helpline non-facility specific XX numbers for your visit IP: The Seroquel just knocks me out, and makes me crave sugar! Valium creates a physical tolerance and dependence in its users. A pretty one-dimensional drug IMO. I really care how you feel and would love to help you thru this I just think that your time would be better spent with someone who is seeking help.

Jan 6, 3. Just so I can forget for a while. I wouldn't suggest using it long term though, becausue I've heard the WD's are terrible. Thank you for asking. He doesn't even really want to take drugs. Considering that you only like to take benzs occasionally I would guess your tolerance is low.

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