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MFX may be a safe and effective treatment option. Medical therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia: Some hair loss forum participants seem to have tried to develop their own topical finasteride or even topical dutasteride, something I would not recommend. Lipogaine For Women regular.

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I have never taken oral fin. Hey Vijay, A few years ago I started experiencing sexual side effects from Finasteride.

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Are you still using it. J Med Assoc Thai. Dr Herbert Feinberg, dermatologist in Englewood New Jersey, sells to his patients a topical finasteride plus minoxidil plus latisse blend.

This article reviews the use of once-daily 1 mg finasteride in androgenetic alopecia and its associated sexual adverse effects.

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This is a double blind, randomized clinical trial study of 45 male patients, who were referred with alopecia to the private clinics and departments in Boo-Ali Sina Hospital, in Sari. A study to compare the efficacy of oral vs topical finasteride conducted by Hajheydari et al.

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So, if it is so highly absorbable and already liquid, not tablet or powder, why not mix your own??? Twelve volunteers applied P topical solution for 7 days: Conclusion Topical finasteride doesn't just stay in the scalp.

J Sex Med ;8: Would you like me to keep you posted? The science of topical medication delivery is a bit too complex for the vast majority of us to be experimenting with. In any event, it will be interesting to see the results of this study regarding yet one new product in our arsenal to fight hair loss until a cure comes out.

You should talk to a hair transplant surgeon near you about this as well as to a pharmacist. What I am really hoping for are future studies on topical dutasteride. We are currently performing tests using Franz diffusion cells with the The University of Milan to get more data. Lipogaine for men Sensitive. The influence of finasteride on the development of prostate cancer. It also promotes the anagen phase of hair growth.

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J Sex Med ;4: Did you see all the videos from Desmond on youtube? Not sure how it could be added to minox foam…ideas?

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This is understandable, as the topical finasteride is applied to the scalp directly and therefore the finasteride concentration in the scalp is expected to be higher than when the same amount of finasteride is administrated orally. For people who use finasteride or dutasteride with success, this thread will be simply boring, so you can skip it.


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