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Tell us what you think. Topography of cocaine-induced gene regulation in the rat striatum: I am also on ritalin,Lamicital,Abilify,attenalol Stereotyped activities produced by amphetamine in several animal species and man. Ridin wit 2 crips, glokoma on ma hip, ridin wit 2 clips. I also have been diagnosed ADD.

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I'm not sure how I made it through sometimes. Our present findings demonstrate that the SSRI potentiation of methylphenidate-induced gene regulation occurs on all rostrocaudal levels of the striatum and, generally, is directly related to the magnitude of gene induction by methylphenidate alone.

I'm just starting 20 mg Prozac 2X a day and Ritalin 5 mg?

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In addition, they DID run some locomotor studies. Consistent with these earlier findings, the most robust gene regulation in the nucleus accumbens in the present study was seen in the lateral part of the shell. I usually rejoin that Ricky is not doing so well while on them. I believe I may have had this for quite some time. Multiple Sclerosis First of all, thank you very much for providing this invaluable service. It is a story replete with complicated diagnoses and, so far, without conclusion.

Evidence indicates that serotonin interacts with dopamine to modify striatal gene regulation by psychostimulants. January 8, at 7: However, a more pronounced potentiation than predicted by the methylphenidate response was seen in the dorsolateral and ventrolateral sensorimotor sectors of the middle striatum for both zif and c- fos expression Fig.

I read your entire article and it was a complete waste of time! Biological Psychiatry, 67 6DOI: Find all posts by spaceboy.

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Fluoxetine potentiation of methylphenidate-induced zif expression in specific striatal sectors. I mentioned in an earlier post that before my doctor would perscribe Ritalinshe wanted to try upping my Prozac from 20mg per day to 40mg. Experiments were performed between There is no conclusion to it but just arousing useless curiosity that is obvious to anyone using these drugs.

February 6, at 5: It does this like so: Find all posts by Polynieces. Analysis of autoradiograms Gene expression in the cortex was assessed in sections from 4 rostrocaudal levels Fig.

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I have noticed that the number of daily posts have been increasing over the past few months that I have been reading this forum, and yet your group of neurologists is still able to provide knowledgeable, thoughtful, and empathic responses to all reasonable questions.


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