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What I wonder is, with so many truly worthy things to be concerned about, why do people put so much energy into fluoride? The following are a list of studies documenting inorganic fluoride exposure from the use of organofluorine drugs: Diphenidine and ethylphenidate FTW! Time for a chemistry lesson.

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In rat brain, fluoxetine has also been shown to interfere with local T3 metabolism Eravci et al, ; Baumgartner et al, It slowly builds up in bodies with ill effects.

Could it be that there is a cohort of people who have adjusted to being scared, and just need a cause to justify it? Unless you know the exact reaction that Prozac has in the liver, etc.

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Since that is the basis for your entire argument, have a good one. Fluoxetine is the only ingredient in Prozac and fluoxetine is a fluoride. Read the article below:.

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Does Prozac Contain Fluoride? Breaking it down to the compound level is about as far as it can be taken.

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Peace in Christ Johnny. Why not design them to help you body create more serotonin or find out why other parts of the body, are robbing your mind of the stuff? The value of fluoride in most chemical compounds is that it forms one of the toughest known bonds with other atoms. Once again quacks on the internet causing a stir about nothing.

Found the drugs, what to do what to do. I was so concerned about it because I've tried to cut fluoride out of my life completely.

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There are toothpastes with this combo and I use them and have managed to stave off having to get 3 cavities filled because of this stuff. Don't know what an ion is?

Gras-Champel V, et al.

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Email required Address never made public. This is important because as many as a quarter of women being treated for breast cancer suffer from depression — a condition most commonly treated with antidepressants known as SSRIs selective serotonin reuptake inhibitorsincluding Paxil, which has been on the market since There are thousands of nature made poisons and dangers out there that most uneducate people do not.

Exposure Pathways Linked to Skeletal Fluorosis Excessive fluoride exposure from any source -- and from all sources combined -- can cause skeletal fluorosis.

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What drugs DO to people we love.


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