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Local or regional treatments for stage IV breast cancer Although systemic drugs are the main treatment for stage IV breast cancer, local and regional treatments such as surgery, radiation therapy, or regional chemotherapy are sometimes used as well.

Jun 24, It kept my cancer stable and I didn't have any perceptible side effects for the 5 months I took it -- I did have hot flashes but I had started them on chemo, and had gone on Tamoxifen immediately after chemo, so I didn't really blame them on the Tamoxifen too much, and the Tamoxifen hot flashes weren't as bad as either the chemo or AI ones.

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My first three weeks involved a lot of muscle, joint pain that began to ease in the third week. I've been on the Coumadin since April or Mayand don't know how much longer it'll be yet.

Understanding Pancreatic Cancer Pain: Surgical options for stage 4 breast cancer depend on where the cancer has spread and associated symptoms.

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Drugs like trastuzumab Herceptin target this protein and can slow or stop the growth of the cancer. Cristofanilli was an unpaid member of the steering committee. Hormone therapy for postmenopausal women After menopause, hormone therapy for women with metastatic breast cancer can be an aromatase inhibitor, tamoxifen or another anti-estrogen drug such as fulvestrant. Chemotherapy is a first treatment for metastatic breast cancers that are:.

CHICAGO For women suffering from stage-4 breast cancer, there is a new treatment plan that, according to a recent Northwestern Medicine clinical trial, is highly effective and has minimal toxicity.

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Find a list of hormone therapy drugs used to treat metastatic breast cancer and whether they are given in pill form or by injection. In this way, the drugs can target not only the original site of the cancer, but also any areas in the body where the cancer cells have spread.

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And that starts percolating. In fact, some women may live 10 or more years beyond diagnosis [ 4 ]. Serum prolactin levels in 8 patients studied were not changed by tamoxifen therapy. This is an aggressive type of cancer that has elevated levels of a specific protein on the cell surface that signal cell growth. I ended up with no preventative tx for about a year before lung mets was discovered.

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That means certain hormones stimulate growth of the cancer. Monitoring metastatic breast cancer Tumors often become resistant stop responding to drugs used to treat metastatic breast cancer.

I have mets to the lungs, and began taking Tamoxifen again when mets was dx 8 mos ago. I can't tell the difference of tmt pain or if I should be worried the drug is working or not progression. If patients think they can fight cancer without being fully involved in their care, they are wrong. Because there are many types of breast cancer, there are many types of treatment options.


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