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I love steel cut oats and bulgur wheat especially! The effect of mirtazapine in panic disorder: The remeron worked and works amazingly.

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My belly weight even causes my back to hurt. I do high intensity exercise times per week plus am a little weight obsessed so I know my body well. If you should get the book and need advice as to whether a particular carbohydrate food is appropriate, please go on our serotonin power diet face book page and we can respond to you directly.

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It does take approximately one month to get the full effects of antidepressants, so make sure you have given it enough time to work. Will be interesting to see what weight I am two years after stopping Mirtazapine.

Mirtazapine and onset of action of antidepressant activity. The maximum recommended dose of mirtazapine is 45 mg per day.

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Those who are on substantially higher doses are considerably more likely to gain weight than individuals taking low doses. Eg 30g carbs for breakfast to make the serotonin with the SSRI taken x hours later? If you don't want to gain weight don't take it because it's going to happen.

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Effects of mirtazapine in patients with post-traumatic stress disorder in Korea: Mirtazapine in the treatment of essential tremor: Last year, in Marchwent to see my psychiatrist who prescribed me with anti depressants and recommended CBT.

Can do nothing except think of food and eat. Within months of the increase in my Zoloft dosage I was put on mirtazapine- 7.

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Below is a list of theories and possible factors to consider that may contribute to weight gain while taking Remeron. So with this happening during the holidays, and while going off another drug, I'm not sure exactly the cause. Rose November 3, I started taking Mirtazapine Remeron about 2. Good luck to all that are struggling with this issue. Pain in advanced cancer. But I would try to find an alternative medication if you are experiencing side effects.

When I went to my Doctor for a six month check up, I had ballooned to pounds.

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I am a male, 6ft 4in and I weighed pounds. Once you come off of it, the weight disappears. I look overweight, none of my clothes fit me and the worse part is that I look 6 months pregnant and because I am only just venturing out again after months of solitude, a lot of people think that I am pregnant and that's why they haven't seen me, I'm struggling to keep my smile and tell people I'm not as I am infertile and this has been one of the issues that led to my depression in the first place.

Understanding these factors could make a huge difference to the dosage and therefore the cost of daily antidepressant intake, but obviously not in the interest of the drug companies.


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