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For the treatment of asymptomatic T vaginalis infection in females when associated with endocervicitis, cervicitis, or cervical erosion -Treatment of asymptomatic sexual partners: For the treatment of serious infections due to susceptible anaerobic bacteria including: Call your child's doctor right away or take your child to Emergency if your child has any of these side effects: It provides a summary of information about metronidazole and does not contain all possible information about this medicine.

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Patients with rare hereditary problems of fructose intolerance, glucose-galactose malabsorption or sucrase-isomaltase insufficiency should not take this medicine. Drug information provided by: Flagyl should be administered with caution to patients with hepatic encephalopathy. Partners in children's health.

Tell your doctor if your child is allergic to metronidazole. Cautions Encephalopathcy, seizures, aseptic meningitis, and neuropathies reported with increase in dose and chronic therapy Superinfection may occur with prolonged use Severe hepatic impairment; administer lower doses with caution Use with caution; potential accumulation in end stage renal disease; supplemental doses may be needed in patients receiving hemodialysis Use with caution in history of blood dyscrasias, heart failure, hepatic failure, H.

Metronidazole liquid must be made by a pharmacy. Hepatobiliary disorders - increase in liver enzymes AST, ALT, alkaline phosphatasecholestatic or mixed hepatitis and hepatocellular liver injury, sometimes with jaundice, have been reported.

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Your child may have some of these side effects while he or she takes metronidazole. If you continue without changing your settings, we'll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on the medicines.

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Cases of severe bullous skin reactions, sometimes fatal, such as Stevens-Johnson syndrome or toxic epidermal necrolysis have been reported with metronidazole see Section 4. Do NOT store it in the bathroom or kitchen.

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Metronidazole Rating User Reviews 6. This restriction typically limits the quantity of the drug that will be covered.


Metronidazole is usually given three times a day. It is important that they take the whole course of the medicine that has been prescribed. Reviewed by May Safety and the Environment. Aspiration or drainage of pus is still needed for amebic liver abscess. Go to top of the page 5.

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What if I give too much? If you stop giving the antibiotic too soon, the troublesome bacteria that are left will start to multiply again, and may cause another infection. Go to top of the page 7. If you are worried that you may have given your child too much metronidazole, contact your doctor or local NHS services in England and Scotland; in Wales.


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