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And it takes up to ninety days for the withdrawal process? I felt I was getting worse.

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I sincerely wish that I had not been prescribed this drug. He completed high school online.

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I am afraid everyone has evil in their heart anymore and there is not a single good person left and its the end of the world. Im on 2 mg daily. Two months after getting off it, I was back to my normal weight at We gradually tapered my dose of the Risperdal by cutting it down every two weeks by 1mg.

Although that behavior subsided, she was way too mellow, sort of zombied out. Do not add it to hot drinks.

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Search options and examples. Basically, I cannot stress enough how potentially painful and disabling withdrawal syndrome can beand there is no good reason to quit cold turkey and risk a worse withdrawal syndrome than tapering might have created if you have the choice before you begin.

I was on risperidone 2mg then 1mg for ten years and tapered off for a week or two before completely quitting about four days ago. Posts 3 I get Risperdal Consta shots on my arm every 2 weeks So the one piece of advice I can give is DO NOT just stop taking it, because you could possibly experience the same type of things and trust me, this is not fun.

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Good luck, I hope your son is able to calm down and sleep. Results 1 to 30 of So severe that I thought it best to get a ct scan of my brain, just to be on the safe side. I am in hell in my mind. In response to the questioner my first suspicion would be Zoloft poop-out as the likely cause independent of the Risperdal. My appetite has reduced a lot, which helps with the weight problem, and at last, fatigue, which is quite annoying, but I take it as just one more thing to cope with that can be dealt with an approach of patience and persistence.

We went out an involuntary movement disorder specialist who prescient gabapentin…she is no better, maybe worse.

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Posts 1 I have been taking 75 mg of effexor for 3 yrs now for depression, however a few months back my family and I suffered a severe trama that everyone has gotten through but me. I have been sweating a lot too. Those are pretty much the two extremes, and you are statistically most likely to fall somewhere in between.


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