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Eventually, I had a food allergy test done and found out I have food allergies. Lynnv, last year I had to come off of Topamax due to hair loss after I had been on it for years. No wonder my grades started slipping in the middle of junior high! Here are some available suggestions.

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The headaches were on the left side near my temple and the back of my head near my ear. You won't be able to vote or comment. This is going to be murder…. It helped me for years and then I moved to Zonegran and tapered off that completely. About a month after that, I got a kidney stone and was weaned off the rest of the way. So I had been on mg of Topamax for at least 4 years I am going cold turkey.

She suggested an EMU. I am going to reduce it by 25mg every 2 weeks. FireMama on Mon Mar 26, It has affected my prefrontal cortex and Broca center. The sprinkle formulation is bioequivalent to the immediate-release tablet formulation and, therefore, may be substituted as a therapeutic equivalent. A bath or shower just makes it worse — anything hot to eat or drink sets it off. In my 9th month it was increased to mg and I was on it for my Migraines. I also had headaches switch sides.

I was on mg a day. After being on the Topamax for almost 3 months I had bad GI systems of infrequent stools and severe gastric pain, so my doctor decided to wean me off the Topamax.

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Have a great New Year. I had no idea that the drug stayed in the body for this long…great info! I have always been chubby, but have not regained the weight I lost whilst on Topamax, because I watch what I eat and exercise regularly. During that time I got horrible acne,my period was a week late,I was tired all the time, and I got severely depressed. Some suggest dropping 25 mg every week, which is a little bit quicker, but many people have successfully managed with that tapering protocol.

Topamax Withdrawal Symptoms: List of Possibilities

I was taking mg morning and mg at night — maybe mg at night. Also, my emotions seem to be on edge. The rebound headaches are the worst.

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