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Potency Problems A primary danger of oxycodone abuse through snorting the drug is presented by the vast range in the potency of pills containing the drug. Oral doesn't fuck your nose and the overall high is stronger. Im not looking forward to my next opperation. Last edited by zzz; at I have chronic pain and have been suffering for years now.

Snorting is a waste. I never take more then prescribed, I'm just snorting them instead of eating them. I can admit that when I found more it all went away and I never want to feel that way again.

I was prescribed 5mg Oxycodone for shoulder pain, but never took any. Additionally, some formulations of Oxycodone include acetaminophen, such as the prescription medication Percocet. So what I'm reading here is that snorting them is no good for you? Discussion in ' Oxycodone ' started by kyndfolkJul 7, These are just some of the milder side effects of using oxycodone, even when you take it as prescribed.

Another example is how absorption is offten increased when taken with a fatty meal. Despite the therapeutic benefits of oxycodone, it also has many risks associated with it.

Contributors are industry leaders who are interested in the field of addiction treatment. I like many really enjoy the rush that comes with snorting.

Another thing to take into consideration is placebo. She has done it before and now that she is a parent, I know she can again. You waste so much - all for just a quicker onset and peak.

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I've been on Oxy for a while now and I noticed that snorting them work so much better. Still have questions about snorting Oxy? Snorting Oxycodone puts you at increased risk of accidents due to your impaired abilities.

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U4ia was only making his statement towards people who use oxycodone. You are doing damage to your body when you snort OxyContin. Speak to an Oxycodone Intake Coordination Specialist now.

This goes for all kinds of drugs. When I use swallow Oxycodone, my breathing becomes easier, if not normal.


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