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But keep them between you and law enforcement.

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Any advice will be appreciated. Where to go from the acute phase, I am not well versed. When that help enabling isn't there, we can increase the chances that they will have to fully face the consequences of their addiction. This is an archived post. You're right, they your family don't understand just how dangerous this is! Why can't you get Xanax, I thought you could?

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Empty stomach is pretty much all there is to it. She wants me to be clean, but yet she's destroying herself now, the same way. Opiates and benzos are very different, and I mean very different. Last edited by a moderator: Neither one of which I would recomend.

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If u look they can be broke into 4 tiny pieces. It's not something you can just handle yourself.

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Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. Your username is how other community members will see you. Depending on the mg's needed to control symptoms, some patients may need the full "bar" to achieve the desired effect. The effects of 0. Thanks to everyone for replies. She's my heart and soul.

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A quarter of a bar 0. Add your Answer Find similar questions. Want to add to the discussion? Oct 31, 3. But when snorted, Xanax effects can be more intense and possibly cause a variety of side effects, which can include:. Especially at the doses you're describing! I like Peter am a pharmacy tech. But stopping it suddenly is FAR less risky than binging on it and then drinking on top of it! Tell her, now you are well - now you are there to help her, so blame from the past is useless.


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