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The Salt—Blood Pressure Connection. So how is dependence on Vicodin different than Vicodin addiction? Sorry if I am coming off as preachy here, but him and many people he's seen have been down that road before, and the end result was so painful that he'd like to steer others away as much as he can. I would advise that the OP scale back usage immediately. In fact, so powerful is this opiate-based drug that many heroin users will turn to Vicodin when they are unable to get their next fix.

You seem like you have a good head on your shoulders so stick you your goal because you do not want to have the intimate knowledge of withdrawals that are waiting around the corner if you are not careful.

In the brain, hydrocodone is the opioid substance which makes you become hooked on Vicodin. Vicodin, like other opioids, may be diverted for non-medical use. I have very bad osteoarithitis in my hands and I am a professional pianist Join Date Apr Posts The kidneys are also greatly affected by this aswell. Dependence on Vicodin occurs when your brain and central nervous system have adapted to the presence of hydrocodone and need the drug in the body to operate normally.

I have been living for Friday so I can be picked up again. Join Date Mar Posts The doctor is unsure why I am having this pain I've self diagnosed having had disc trouble for more than half of the last 20yrs and I know the feeling by now and he can't get a clear scan because I had surgery so recently. You are very wise my friend for stopping them now. There are a series of tell-tale signs and symptoms of Vicodin addiction that everyone should know.

My question is how long does it take for someone to become physically dependent on this drug?

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Jan 24, 2. Today hasn't been terrible. Heroin addiction and Vicodin addiction are similar in many ways — both conditions feature the development of a strong tolerance to the drug meaning it takes more and more to get high and highly uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when not present in the system.

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How does hydrocodone affect the brain? Results 1 to 6 of 6. You will still have some wd's because of the toxins that the pills carry but they should be very manageable with such a short time you have been on them. Vicodin abusers sometimes crush or dissolve the tablets for the intention of snorting, smoking, or injecting.

Worried about developing a dependence on hydrocodone?

Cirrhosis of the Liver. It truly is an epidemic in the world today. Regardless, I can't risk being on another drug that I will eventually find impossible to stop taking.


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