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Well done so far, the first two weeks are the toughest, when the temptation is at its strongest but I'm glad to hear that you can stick it out, this is also the best time to quit as Spring is nearly here and then a nice long summer which you can enjoy as a "normal" person with your daughter.

I'm so glad I found you lot.

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Oh the temptation to use just this once was so great! As you say, it may help others who read this. I thought they were for pain only but after looking them up, they are like Subutex.

I've just been looking at information on stomach ulcers. Perfect answer for an addict - my doctor wasn't worried so why should I be?! I take the NP out of boredom and depression, just started anti-depressant tablets so waiting for them to kick in.

Older people tend to be more likely to develop these types of ibuprofen side effects. Occasional emergency indulgences aren't necessarily life threatening and I doubt cause much damage. I have been amazed at the people I have encountered - from doctors to teachers, nurses, celebs, police, accountants, counsellors etc.

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Mar 24, 7. I was taking 32 in one go but now I sometimes take another packet later in the day. You seem to be taking similar amounts as I used to and when I went on holiday for two weeks one time I stopped completely.

Many people have nausea, heartburn or indigestion after taking ibuprofen. Let's hope is a good year for us! I went to my GP who told me she didnt think I had but took me off the paramol and gave me 30 mg of codeine tabs.

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Just before the first time I detoxed a couple of years ago I weighed 35kg's and I'm cm tall so I was quite literally a skeleton with skin. He was unresponsive, hypertensive, and had a significant metabolic acidosis. I can only hope that one day he will stop. Liz just hold on.


I am so relieved and sad to find other people in the same position. My addiction too, stemmed from a toothache. This will never happen so best find the help to quit. For example you have 10 chemists in your area.



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