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Aw thank you so much Nida! Work it into your pores for a few seconds. I have actually taken the same treatment as you, different brand name. I keep hearing people telling me about all the side effects and pain, and the fact that my eye sight can take months to fully recover… But it will recover.

If you are flying, then make sure to apply a double layer of lotion before boarding the plane. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 3.

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I carry that stuff with me everywhere. What I found was a lot of horror stories. Except for the great hair. Moisturizing at the very end of your routine seals all the products that were placed on the skin and creates a barrier against pollutants that may attempt to penetrate your skin's surface while you sleep. Keep your tongue in your mouth and apply lip balm instead as needed.

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So trying to get hold of some of the products would be a bit difficult! I got this product from my dermatologist. I feel like my acne was more severe the second time round, when the mini pill caused it to come back, because this time not only did I have regular spots on my cheeks and chin, but I now had those terrible cysts along my jawline that just swell up and do nothing but cause you pain for weeks until they go down!

Rinse excess off with water, or wipe it away with tissue. Thank you so much Christine! After how many months will I see a difference on my skin? Go to Sephora and talk to a specialist. It was just freaking stubborn. Some people are blessed with great skin.

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After reading about the benefits of eating coconut oilI joined the cult and now take my Accutane with my daily spoonful. The formula is very heavy so a little goes a long way and I try to give it time to dry before I go to sleep. It sucks that so many treatments offered also come with severe side effects. I am never more than a step away from a bottle of this stuff. The best exfoliation method for lips is to dry them and use a toothbrush or wash cloth to brush away dead skin.


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